Sunday, August 28, 2011

Micromax enters into Brazilian market

Micromax, one of the popular Indian handset manufacturer has announced that they would start selling their mobile phones in Brazil. They plans to invest around $12.5 million and they have launched 3 new phones that has features like dual SIM , multimedia and marathon battery for youth market.

They claim that they sell1.5 million phones per month in the countries they operate that include India, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka and UAE and they have launched 3 models, Micromax Q55 (Bling), Micromax X225 and the Micromax X114 in Brazil initially.
The Micromax Q55 (Bling) has innovative design, Swarovski Zirconia buttons, Yamaha sound, FM radio, MP3 and comes with social networking features. The Micromax X225 is popular for its battery life that comes with ‘marathon battery’ that lasts for 12 days on standby mode and it also comes with FM radio, MP3, and vibrant speakers. The Micromax X114 is a basic handset that comes with FM radio with recorder, MP3 and a LED flashlight.
The company aims to sell around 1 million units in the first 12 months in Brazil and plans to launch 4 new models ranging from smart phones, Android phone and music oriented phones in coming months. The Micromax Q55, X225 and X114 would be available at all major retails stores across the North-East markets in Brazil.souce

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